• The Office

    Over the past 30+ years, Leonard Bertaux + Chris Iwerks have built distinguished architectural design careers in Boston, authoring numerous award-winning buildings in the city and mentoring dozens of young architects who have gone on to become valuable contributors at other firms.

    Located in the Leather District of downtown Boston, Bertaux+Iwerks Architects serve clients both locally and nationally, undertaking design assignments at scales ranging from large transportation centers and institutional buildings, to mid-sized renovation, expansion, and planning projects.

    Outcome-Driven design (ODD) is the core of our practice, offering a true end-to-end framework for mapping and monitoring building design processes to the real-world, real-time desired outcomes of project owners and constituents. While simple and intuitive in concept, the ODD framework is a breakthrough methodology for re-structuring the design process around what is most critical to stakeholder success at occupancy.

  • Leonard Bertaux

    Leonard Bertaux is a co-founder and principal of the firm with over 32 years of experience in the planning and design of transportation, institutional, commercial, municipal, and residential architecture.

    With an educational background in physics and architecture, he leverages his passion for improving the ways buildings work to create high performance buildings that are energy efficient, resource wise, and people centered. Focusing on ways to move architecture to net-zero energy use, his philosophy is to maximize passive building strategies to reduce energy need while incorporating cost-effective renewable energy solutions to further enhance energy independence. Leonard is a leading practitioner of sustainable design and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

    Leonard’s innovative design work has been recognized by numerous design excellence awards, most recently for the Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center, which has brought new vitality to the city’s waterfront. Prior to forming Bertaux+Iwerks he was a design principal with the Wallace Floyd Design Group for 14 years.

    Connecticut # 7991
    Maine # 1232
    Massachusetts #5175
    New York #025485
    NCARB Certification
    LEED Accredited Professional

    Rhode Island School of Design
    Bachelor of Architecture 1977

    Ecole Nationale Superior des Beaux Arts
    Paris, France 1972-73

    Univeristy of Rochester
    Bachelor of Science in Physics 1972

    AIA – American Institute of Architects
    BSA – Boston Society of Architects
    ULI – Urban Land Institute
    LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design/ U.S. Green
    Building Council

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  • Chris Iwerks

    Chris Iwerks is a co-founder and principal of the firm. His interest in the principles of outcome-oriented thinking has been the point of departure in developing the firm’s Outcome-Driven design framework. The methods of Outcome-Driven design now serve as the firm’s basic collaboration platform for every project undertaken.

    His design work covers an unusually wide range of building types and sizes, executed at scales ranging from very large public works and civic projects to mid-sized academic and transportation facilities. His portfolio includes nationally recognized projects for education, research, transportation and civic institutions. His efforts have been recognized nationally and locally for design excellence, including receipt of the highest architectural achievement in Boston—the Harleston Parker Medal for “the most beautiful building in Boston”—awarded to Vent Building No. 7 at Logan Airport.

    Throughout his career, Chris has been an advocate for integrating sustainable design strategies into his projects and was among the first in the country to become a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Prior to forming Bertaux+Iwerks he was a co-founder of TAMS Architecture in Boston, which he led for 21 years.

    Connecticut # 9916
    Maine # NA2734
    Massachusetts #5052
    New Hampshire #04184
    Rhode Island # 2773
    NCARB Certification # 47156
    LEED Accredited Professional

    Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master of Architecture, 1979

    Cal Poly College of Architecture and Environmental Design
    Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 1976

    AIA – American Institute of Architects
    BSA – Boston Society of Architects
    BSA – Honors and Awards Committee 1999-2001
    BSA – Harleston Parker Jury member 1998
    LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design/U.S. Green Building Council
    ULI – Urban Land Institute

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  • Services

    The practice of Bertaux + Iwerks Architects is organized to advance design creativity within a framework of structured management. We are a firm that delivers strong design with dedicated service.

    Our design capabilities cover nearly every building type and scale of construction. As a result, we are able to offer a broad range of services in design, strategic consulting, and modeling.

    Core Design Services
    Architecture (integrated with sustainable design)
    Space Programming
    Feasibility Studies
    Restoration/Renovation/Adaptive Reuse
    Master Planning
    Urban Design

    Strategic Consulting
    Brand Strategies
    Donor Development Programs
    Sustainable Design Integration
    LEED Certification Process

    Computer Modeling and Visualizations
    Cost Modeling/Cost Estimating
    Energy Modeling
    Solid Modeling

  • Clients


    Bergen County, Hackensack, NJ
    Brooklyn Sports Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
    Emerson College, Boston, MA
    Hillsborough County, Nashua, NH
    New England Aquarium, Boston, MA
    Town of Arlington, MA
    Town of Stoneham, MA
    United States Navy, Brooklyn, NY

    Commercial Facilities

    Brookfield Financial Properties, New York, NY
    Brookline Savings Bank, Brookline, MA
    Division of Capital Asset Management, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Erieview Center for Convention and Trade, Cleveland, OH
    TAMS Professional Offices, Boston, MA
    United States Postal Service, Brockton, MA
    United States State Department, Ottawa, Canada
    Windsor Associates, Boston, MA


    Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
    Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dialysis Clinic, Inc., Boston, MA


    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    City of Bridgeport, CT
    City of Malden, MA.
    City of Nashua, NH
    Falmouth Housing Authority, Falmouth, MA
    First Realty Management
    Gunwyn Development
    Naval War College, Newport, RI


    Boston College, Boston, MA
    Boston Public Facilities Department, Boston MA
    Brooklyn Sports Foundation, Brooklyn, NY.
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    Carroll School for the Blind, Newton, MA
    Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
    City of Amesbury, MA
    City of Nashua, NH
    City of Worcester, MA
    Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon, NH
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
    Emerson College, Boston, MA
    Emmanuel College, Boston, MA
    Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, MA
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    Howard University, Washington, DC
    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
    Keene State College, Keene, NH
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
    Massasoit Community College, Brockton, Canton, MA
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
    Naval War College, Newport, RI
    Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
    Town of Lexington, MA
    Town of Needham, MA
    Town of Royalston, MA
    Town of Wareham, MA
    University Cork College, Cork, Ireland
    University of Massachusetts Building Authority, Boston, MA
    University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA
    Yale University, New Haven, CT

    Transportation / Infrastructure

    Albany Airport Authority, Albany, NY
    Alstom, Bloomfield, CT
    Auburn/Lewiston, ME
    Barletta Construction Canton, MA
    City of Bridgeport, CT
    City of Elmira, NY
    City of Malden, MA
    City of Rochester, NY
    Connecticut Department of Transportation
    Greater Bridgeport Transportation Authority, Bridgeport, CT
    Greater Cleveland Regional Transportation Authority
    JAMS, Boston, MA
    Lowell Regional Transit Authority
    Maine Department of Transportation
    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Boston, Ma
    Massachusetts Highway Department
    Massachusetts Port Authority
    Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
    Rhode Island Department of Transportation
    Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority
    Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, Rochester, NY
    St. Clair County, IL
    Tren Urbano, San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Tweed-New Haven Airport, New Haven, CT
    Waldron Engineering, Exeter, NH

  • Recognition


    Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center
    Design Excellence Award Boston Society of Architects 2008

    Airport Blue Line MBTA Station
    ACEC Award
    [Bertaux with Wallace Floyd] 2005

    Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion Competition
    Honorable Mention
    [Iwerks with Shepley Bulfinch] 2005

    Carnegie Mellon University East Campus Project
    Boston Society of Architects Award for Excellence in Architecture
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture in Association with Dennis & Clark] 1990

    Progressive Architecture Citation for Urban Design
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture in Association with Dennis & Clark] 1989

    Carnegie Mellon University Architectural + Campus Planning Competition
    1st Place Design Award
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture in Association with Dennis & Clark] 1987

    Church Court Condominiums
    Progressive Architecture Award
    [Bertaux with Graham Gund] 1984

    City View Elementary School
    Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for Design Excellence
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1992

    Deutsch House
    Architectural Record Houses Award
    [Bertaux with Graham Gund] 1983

    EOCD State Housing Competition
    Merit Award, Agawam, MA
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1983

    Logan Airport Fire Rescue Headquarters
    Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for Design Excellence
    [Bertaux with Wallace Floyd] 1994

    Malden Center MBTA Station
    Boston Society of Architects Merit Award for Design
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1992

    Program for a Juvenile Service Center
    Progressive Architecture Award for Applied Research
    [Iwerks with Sullivan Farbstein Associates] 1977

    North Station Intermodal Transportation Center, Boston, MA
    ACEC Award
    [Bertaux with Wallace Floyd] 2001

    Robbins Memorial Library, Arlington, MA
    AGC Award
    [Bertaux with Wallace Floyd] 1992

    School House Condominiums
    Architectural Record Interiors Award
    [Bertaux with Graham Gund] 1982

    Storrow Terrace
    Boston Visions A National Design Competition Special Mention
    [Iwerks with Fred Koetter] 1989

    Venice Biennale Exhibition
    [Iwerks with Fred Koetter] 1979

    Teaticket Elderly Housing
    Boston Society of Architects – Citation for Design Excellence
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1988

    Ventilation Building No. 7
    City of Boston/Boston Society of Architects
    Harleston Parker Award for the “Most Beautiful Building in Boston”
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1999

    American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Design Excellence
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1998

    American Institute of Architects New England Award of Merit
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1998

    Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for Design Excellence
    [Iwerks with TAMS Architecture] 1997

    Publications / Articles

    Brick Article
    Boston: Home of the Bean and the Brick,” Iwerks article on brick, Architecture Boston Magazine,MA, Winter 2000.

    Carnegie Mellon University East Campus Project
    Coherence Regained” – Carnegie Mellon University East Campus Project, Progressive Architecture magazine, October 1991

    City View Elementary School
    City View Elementary School in Progressive Architecture Plans: A topological Survey of Schools, March 1992

    Educational Spaces
    Educational Spaces, Volume 1: A Pictorial Review of Significant Spaces, featured projects: City View Magnet School, Mount Pleasant Elementary School, Royalston Elementary School, 1998.

    Establishing a Threshold – Iwerks/Axelrod TAMS’ New England Architects” – Exhibition of 12 emerging architectural practices in; shown: Bank of Boston, 1985; Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1986

    Malden Center MBTA Station Headhouse/Pedestrian Overpass
    A Lesson in Tectonics” – Progressive Architecture magazine, Special Issue: Uses of Steel, July 1987

    Mount Pleasant Elementary School
    Article in Progressive Architecture magazine, August 1990

    TAMS/New England Offices
    Article in Architecture magazine on interior design of firm’s New England Offices, July 1986

    School Portfolio
    International Architecture Yearbook No. 4, featured projects: Royalston Elementary School, Royalston, MA; Ventilation

    Ventilation Building No. 8
    Boston’s Mystery Landmarks, Vent Building 8 at North Station – Article in Boston Globe on several familiar yet mysterious Boston Landmarks, 2005

    Ventilation Building No. 7
    The Most Beautiful Building – J. Harleston Parker and His Medal” – Article in Architecture Boston, Spring 2000 featuring Vent Building 7

    International Year Book of Award-Winning Architecture 1998/1999 for Vent Building No. 7/Ted Williams Tunnel, Boston, MA

    Machine for Air Handling Celebrates its Mechanical Nature”– Article in Architectural Record magazine on Vent Building 7, February 1998