Blue Line Airport Station

Airport MBTA Station

|   Logan International Airport Boston MA
Overview: The Airport Intermodal Transit Station draws its inspiration from the dynamic forms of flanking fly-over viaducts, as well as its role as a “connector,” linking air, ground, and rail transportation modes. The design works to enhance orientation while creating a dynamic sense of arrival.

The station is developed around three distinct program components: 1) a public concourse space above the platforms, linking neighborhood parks on either side of the station, 2) a lower asymmetric vaulted volume covering the Blue Line passenger platforms, and 3) an outdoor, canopy-covered linear bus platform.

The architecture of the station reinforces pedestrian movement by employing two counter-sloping roof planes joined to a 265-foot long curving triangular truss skylight extending the entire length of the station. Energy efficiency is also addressed via the use of passive systems, including an automated, perforated metal louver panel system that controls daylighting and occupant views.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
27,000 GSF
$26 M
Len Bertaux served as Design Principal while with Wallace Floyd Design Group
Complete architectural services for design through construction phases
Anton Grassl