Carnegie Mellon University East Campus Parking Garage and Stadium

Carnegie Mellon University East Campus Parking Garage and Stadium

|   Pittsburgh PA
Overview: This 600-car parking garage/stadium, sited directly across from the new dormitory/dining facility, encloses an intermural football field and running track to form a new “athletic quadrangle” as the new focus of the East Campus. The Parking Structure delineates the northern boundary of the campus and provides a buffer to Forbes Avenue. The stadium and press box for the athletic fields utilize the south facade of the garage as a backdrop, while a six-foot high earth berm, planted with trees and an evergreen hedge, borders the running track and increases the sense of enclosure in a manner similar to the athletic field at Cranbrook Academy by Eliel Saarinen.

The project is based on the award-winning, first place submission to an invited design competition held by the University to reconfigure the entire 26-acre east campus. The University’s goal was to create a cohesive framework of buildings and spaces, incorporating a new multi-function student center, athletic stadium, fields, student residences, and structured parking.

The east campus buildings are designed in the scale, degree of detail, and spirit of the original Hornbostel campus. Principal materials are, like all of the existing campus buildings, buff-colored brick, stone trim, and metal roofs.

Carnegie Mellon University
1550-seat athletic stadium; a 650-car parking garage; and athletic fields
Chris Iwerks served as principal in charge for the project team of TAMS Architects and Dennis and Clark Associates
Complete architectural and engineering services for design through construction phases
Jeff Goldberg/Esto