Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Master Plan

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Master Plan

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Overview: This 2005 master plan was a comprehensive study intended to guide Dartmouth Hitchcock’s growth over the next 20 years. With a program that will more than double the facility’s current size to over 3.5 million square-feet in the future, the master plan placed particular emphasis on how to achieve a balance between open space, site development and building areas, while also reinforcing connections that will foster collaboration and wayfinding among all parts of the campus.

An analysis revealed that the original DHMC organizational structure is reached its limits, necessitating a new way of organizing the campus. To provide an effective way to unify a larger assemblage of buildings, the master plan proposes a new circulation paradigm, employing a perimeter loop road that provides a sense of orientation and hierarchy to the dispersed building sites on land owned by DHMC and Dartmouth College.

The master planning process resulted in an updated framework of guiding principles and strategies that define a balance between what is valuable about the present and what is needed for the future. To this end, the master plan paid particular attention to patient and visitor access and movement, architectural character, site development, open space preservation, and organization of uses. The integration of these factors formed the backbone for a new vision for the campus, distilled around five main topics:

Supporting the mission and identity of DHMC as the overarching goal of all planning principles and strategies.

Patient Focus: Understanding of the patient experience at every scale, from vehicular wayfinding and ease of access to pedestrian wayfinding and orientation.

Character: An environment where clinical care, research and education are integrated; that is safe and comfortable; that is compatible with regional planning; and that continues to create visual unity between the built and natural environments.

Environmental Sensitivity: Campus expansion that preserves nature, conserves resources, reduces
operational costs and uses energy efficiently.

Flexibility: Change and growth are factors that need to be recognized in the future by planning for
adaptable infrastructure and incremental growth, and by promoting connectivity and collaboration.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
3.5 Million SF
Chris Iwerks served as Design Principal while with Shepley Bulfinch
Master Plan